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Gamal El Soudi: A Successful Business Journey in the Paper Industry

Gamal El Soudi, a successful businessman and accountant, began his professional journey in trade at the age of 15. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and demonstrated his business acumen over 26 years of work. In 1980, he founded his first company, El Soudi, for Sanitary Ware and Ceramics.

In 2006, he established EG Paper (The Egyptian Company for the Paper Industry) with a vision to meet the needs of local and global customers and to achieve company growth and development. In 2019, he acquired Carta Misr, a move that strengthened the group’s position in the paper industry.

As the Paper and Cardboard Division Chairman of the Egyptian Federation of Industries, Gamal El Soudi supports the paper industry, adding significant value. His son, Mohamed El Soudi, continues his father’s legacy to ensure the company’s ongoing success.

Mohamed El Soudi: CEO of El Soudi for Paper Companies (EG Paper / Carta Misr)

Mohamed El Soudi is the CEO of El Soudi for Paper Companies. He graduated from the Chemical Engineering Department of the British University in Egypt. He began his professional career at EG Paper in 2012, where he gained practical and academic experience in the paper industry. 

He held positions as Research and Development Manager and Factory Manager. In 2019, he became Vice Chairman of El Soudi for Paper, which includes EG Paper and Carta Misr. His responsibilities include setting strategic goals, overseeing executive operations, managing data, and making decisions. 

He joined the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Chemical Industries in 2020 and became CEO of the El Soudi Group of Companies in 2022. Mohamed El Soudi continues to strive for quality and success with customers and leads the group towards a promising future.