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Our Factory

Our manufacturing  process at El Soudi for Paper (EG Paper and Carta Misr) is meticulously designed to ensure the smooth and efficient production of our high-quality paper products. This process is broken down into several stages:

  • Old Corrugated Carton (OCC) Receiving: Raw materials are received and inspected.
  • Screening: Unwanted particles are removed from the raw materials.
  • Renewal of Usage Rates: Ensures that the materials are used efficiently and sustainably.
  • Milling Process: Raw materials are broken down into smaller pieces.
  • Filtration of Solids: Solid particles are separated from the liquid.
  • Central Pressure: Prepares materials for the next stages.
  • Formation Stages: Attached impurities are added to the materials.
  • Pressing Process: Materials are pressed to form paper.
  • First Stage Drying: Materials are dried for the first time.
  • Adding Auxiliary Materials: Auxiliary materials are added to raise the mechanical values of the paper.
  • Second Stage Drying: Materials are dried for the second time.
  • Humidity Assay: The humidity of the materials is measured.
  • Initial Winding: Materials are wound for the first time.
  • Quality Laboratory Tests: Materials undergo quality tests.
  • Final Cut: Materials are cut to the desired size.
  • Final Winding: Materials are wound for the final time.
  • Encapsulation: Finished products are encapsulated for protection.
  • Storage and Shipping: Finished products are stored in our warehouse, ready for shipping to our customers.

This process is a testament to our commitment to quality and efficiency, ensuring that we produce the best possible products for our customers. We continuously strive to improve our manufacturing process, investing in the latest technology and training our staff in the latest industry practices.