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About us

The History of Paper: From Ancient Origins to Modern Production

Paper, a cornerstone of communication, has a rich history dating back to ancient Egypt. Its evolution was revolutionized in China during the Han Dynasty and further refined by the Islamic world. The Industrial Revolution mechanized its production, making paper more accessible. Today, paper production merges advanced technologies with sustainable practices. At EG Paper, we honor this legacy, blending tradition with modern techniques to deliver high-quality paper products across various industries.

Who we are?

El Soudi for Paper is the culmination of three generations of entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, and a steadfast commitment to producing high-quality paper materials to meet the evolving demands of a growing market. Our story began with our father Mr. Muhammad Fathallah El Soudi, a man with a passion for business and an unyielding desire for self-development. His entrepreneurial journey spanned various industries, starting from agriculture and trade and leading to the contracting industry as the main supplier to The Arab Company for Ceramic – Aracemco.
His first venture into the world of trade came with the establishment of El Soudi for Ceramics & Sanitary Ware in 1980, a distributor for ceramics and sanitary ware.
Throughout this journey, his son, Gamal El Soudi, stood by his father’s side, absorbing the nuances of the business world and developing a deep-seated love for manufacturing. He recognized the potential for growth in manufacturing, and he transformed from a trader to a manufacturer with the participation of his brother, Salah Al-Soudi by buying out the government share of Aracemco in 2004. Today, Gamal carries forward his father’s legacy, steering El Soudi for Paper toward new horizons of innovation and excellence in the paper industry.

How the legacy begun?

As the family business thrived in the ceramic industry, Gamal El Soudi noticed a burgeoning demand for cartons and packaging materials amidst Egypt’s booming industries. However, he identified a glaring gap – the production of high-quality paper, the backbone of this packaging boom, was noticeably inadequate. Recognizing this as a unique opportunity to further his business interests and contribute to his community, he decided to venture into paper production. The decision to enter the paper industry was driven by a vision of sustainability and backward integration. He aimed to incorporate cardboard manufacturing into their business, as cardboard was extensively used in the packing of ceramics. The concept of recycling, which permeates all aspects of life and is integral to the paper industry, resonated with his vision. Thus, EG Paper was conceptualized and created, with a clear mission: to establish a local company that could provide high-quality paper, efficiently bridging the identified gap. The journey didn’t stop there. The successful acquisition of Carta Misr further expanded his footprint in the paper industry, leading to the birth of El Soudi for Paper – a testament to his commitment to sustainability, quality, and community development.

Pursuing a strategy of sustainability while incorporating product development alongside quantitative development, the company plays a pivotal role as an industry leader in its field, both through its solid performance as a manufacturer and its role in the Federation of Egyptian Industries. With a high value placed on its skilled team, the company is also committed to a robust human resources program, with employee development being boosted through comprehensive training courses and opportunities for advancement. This employee-centric policy works towards attracting new blood into the company, supporting a new generation that will become skilled in all facets of the packaging paper industry, driving the industry forward in its vital role in the country’s economy. 

Our Values

El Soudi for paper aligns itself with the values of transparency, trust, and partnership, serving market needs with high-quality products produced with environmentally-sound methodology. By conducting business in a manner embracing respect, cooperation, credibility, and accreditation, the company shows integrity and strong business ethics with its external and internal stakeholders.

Our Vision

We aim to become a leading integrated paper products producer in the Middle East and Africa by delivering outstanding quality at optimal cost.


Our mission is to be the preferred supplier of quality paper to our marketplace by understanding our customers’ needs and delivering a diverse and innovative product portfolio.
We aim to optimize the use of raw materials, technology, and assets in an ethical way that adds maximum value to our business partners’ success and positively impacts our employees, shareholders, company, and the community.

Our Strategy

Our strategy pivots around the critical development of two main domains: product development, and Human capital development. At the heart of our approach is a deep-seated belief in cultivating our human capital – we consider our employees our most valuable asset. We are committed to investing in their skills and capabilities, offering comprehensive training courses that enhance their professional competencies and personal growth. Our focus extends beyond merely providing new employment opportunities; we are dedicated to creating a workforce that is deeply skilled, motivated, and understands the nuances of the paper industries.
In addition, we prioritize the development of high-quality, innovative products and promote sustainable practices in all our operations. Through our consulting services, we aim to guide and foster a new generation of industry leaders who are adept at navigating the complexities of the evolving paper industries. We firmly believe that by empowering our employees and fostering their growth, we can significantly contribute to the industry’s progress while ensuring our company’s continued success.